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Paul was specifically excited by BMW’s, more precisely older M3 models. He owned five 1995 M3 E36 Lightweight models, which are scarce cars, to begin with. There are only 126 cars like these in the world, but that’s not the only thing that makes them unique.

The M3 E36 Lightweight were improved versions of the standard car. They had a reduced weight of 200 lb (91 kg) compared to the standard vehicle, which significantly improved performance and handling. As expected, BMW also made changes to the suspension for better road holding, while the exterior got a big wing. You can recognize these models by the Motorsport decals on the body.

According to Barrett-Jackson, the lowest-mileage BMW M3 E36 Lightweight reached the highest price – $385,000! The other four models ranged from $220,000 to $258,500. But, how does that compare to the costs of these vehicles owned by other people? The auction company says that they sold a BMW M3 Lightweight in 2018 for $121,000.
“We’re told Paul spent countless hours on the track perfecting his racing skills,” said Jackson for The Hollywood Reporter. “The question of whether he intended to build a racing team is something we may never know. When Paul purchased the five BMW M3 Lightweights, he envisioned them as his own investment vehicle.”

What Is An Electric Car?

An electric car is a vehicle that uses electricity and electric motor to propel you forward. For comparison, ICE vehicles use gasoline or diesel to give you forward motion. But, where do these electric cars get the electricity from? Well, it depends on how the electricity is stored on-board.The most popular way of storing electricity in electric cars is batteries (Battery Electric Vehicles or BEVs). These are the same batteries that you have on your smartphone or tablet, only much bigger. The cells of electric cars are recharged with a cable, also like your smartphone. They also have a limited range, again like all smart devices, which means that you should recharge your electric vehicle frequently.

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